Thai Cushion 2 Fold, blue / yellow

Thai Cushion 2 Fold, blue / yellow
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At, we concentrate on this popular style of Thai mattresses or as they're also referred to as “Mon Kwhan” which translates as “axe pillow” due to the likeness for the cutting edge of an axe.

Made from 100% unbleached cotton, these Thai floor cushions are wonderful for everyday use. They are sturdy and can be cleaned as often as necessary. The mattresses also are full of a 100% naturally produced fibre known as Kapok. Kapok has its health advantages because it is a hypoallergenic material making this sort of cushion excellent for meditation, yoga and general relaxation.

To make certain that the triangular cushions stay in shape and serve their purpose, they're stitched and stuffed in an exceedingly special way. They comprise of a collection of little triangles, every one supporting and bracing the others. All our Thai cushions are double-stitched for additional strength. When they’re not needed the mattresses do not take up a lot of space, still look great and are always ready to be used.

Thai Mattresses are perfect for indoor and outdoor use as they give a warm living ambience indoors and because of the kapok filling being lightweight they can be moved around easily for outdoor use.

The benefits of buying a two-fold Thai Mattress from Thai Pillow are:

Fully Extended: LxWxH 125x50x30cm

Material: Cover 100% unbleached cotton

Material: Filling 100% naturally produced Kapok

Kapok is light, hygienic, breathable and environmentally friendly

Double stitched seams for durability.

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Shipping time: 3-5 Days3-5 Days
45,28 GBP
20 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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  • Healthy recovery