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100% Kapok
Our Thai cushions are filled with pure and untreated kapok
100% Handmade
Our Thai cushions are lovingly made by hand and stitched with double seams
100% Fair
Fair trade
Our Thai cushions are sewn sustainably and responsibly within the OTP projects
Modern & classical kapok products from the land of smiles

The feeling of real holidays! On, there are handmade Thai cushions from Thailand. Our colourful wellness cushions from Thailand create a warm living ambiance and can be used for many things. Due to the special abilities of kapok, Thai cushions can be used indoors in sleeping and living areas as well as for the living space outdoors. Our mats and cushions prevent cold from getting inside and are ideal for the balcony, garden, campsite and more. Even when not in use, they are space-saving, decorative and always ready for use.

Our folding mattresses and rolling mats are ideal as a relaxation mat or even as a spare bed. Many yoga lovers and people trying out relaxation techniques love our Thai mattresses. They are excellent for meditating and relaxing. No matter if it is in a fitness room or quickly unfolded during your lunch break. Our Thai cushions are filled with pure and untreated kapok and free from chemicals. The cover is made from 100% cotton. Our online shop stands for natural quality and pure enjoyment of life. All our cushions are made by hand in selected family businesses. For our products, we only use natural ingredients.

Thai kapok cushions with 3 folds, thai folding matresses and a wide range of colourful seating cushions!

What is Kapok?
Kapok is a plant fiber which produces bunches of fibers looking a little bit like cotton fibers. There are plenty of kapok trees in Thailand. All our kapok products are 100% naturally produced and we pride ourselves in using only naturally grown kapok tree fibers to fill our pillows and mattresses. Our kapok is free of chemicals, additives and pesticides because it is harvested from naturally grown fibers. In Asia, the natural kapok fiber is very well known for its use in cushions and mats without any additives to promote healthy, natural living. Our aim is to promote the natural kapok advantages and abilities in the western part of the world as well. The kapok cushions were made in harmony with nature and have enriched Asian life culture for centuries. The cushions and mattresses can be used by the whole family and are alternatively used by people as a seat during meals, to read or to watch television. People who are interested in physical activities use the yoga cushions to enjoy sitting on our lovingly produced cushions and tasteful mats during their yoga exercises. The ergonomically shaped papaya and neck pillows contribute to recreation and relaxation.

Kapok is cotton like fluffy material which is produced from the kapok tree. The kapok fibers are covered with a very fine layer of wax which makes them ideal for filling mattresses and other textiles. Kapok fiber has the advantage that no moisture can get in, it is, in fact, usually waterproof. This helps to feel very comfortable when sitting or lying on kapok filled cushions or mats. The water-resistant capabilities of the fiber promote another positive effect. In comparison with cotton, the always dry kapok fiber cannot be used to spin a threat and air can circulate around the fibers to make them breathable. Originally, the up to 80 meters high kapok tree is native to West Africa. Nowadays it can be found in most tropical climates and is one of the tallest tropical trees in the world. Due to all these positive characteristics, kapok is now a very popular material for filling mattresses. In our shop, all the Thai cushions, rolling mats, folding mattresses, seating cushions and so on, are made of 100% clean and untreated kapok.
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