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Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
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Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow
Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow

Roll Up Mattress, L, red / yellow

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Product details

  • The roll mat L manages the balancing act between a cosy living area and an ever-faithful travel companion. Quickly rolled out, the colourful mat is ideal for yoga, for extensive meditation or as a comfortable place for guests to sleep. When rolled up to save space, the mat also fits in any car or van and accompanies you on all your adventures
  • Size completely laid out (L x W x H): 6 ft 5 x 43 in x 2 in; (200 cm x 110 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • Size rolled up: Ř 13 in / Height: 43 in; (Ř 34 cm / Height: 110 cm)
  • Each piece is lovingly handmade so the dimensions may vary slightly
  • Material: Filling: 100 % natural Kapok; Cover: Cotton; weight: 8 kg

Product description

There are many benefits to using the all natural materials that are used when making any of our Thai products. For instance, our roll up mattresses are hypoallergenic, sustainable, completely non-toxic and strong meaning they can be used by anyone no matter how sensitive their skin maybe. Thanks to the materials being so durable the mats can be used on a daily basis without fear of it losing shape or becoming worn out.

Thai Pillow wanted to create a traditional product that has been used across Thailand and the South Asian continent for years. Anyone who has been to Thailand will know how popular large roll up mattresses are, you are guaranteed to see them in restaurants, on porches and in bars. We have made it our mission to recreate the same high quality roll up mattresses using the same original materials.

100 % Kapok
100 % Kapok
Our Thai cushions are only filled with wild-growing, pure and untreated kapok
For the cover, we only use durable cotton
Our kapok products are sewn with double seam and lovingly stuffed by hand
Direct import without whole sale traders guarantees fair prices
Sustainable and responsible production within the OTOP project
Suitable for outdoor use – due to the solid filling, no cold from the ground can come through
Holiday Feeling at Home! LIVING
Holiday Feeling at Home!

The colourful cushions immediately provide more balance and well-being in everyday life.

Due to robust processing and the firm stuffing of all the kapok products, they even can be used outside, in the garden or on the balcony.

Natural Meditation Yoga
Natural Meditation

Classic relaxing and meditation products directly from Thailand. The stable and firm cushions and mats are the perfect companion for Yoga, Massage and Meditation.

Our Thai pillows are giving any room a touch of the far east.

Longing to Travel? Camping
Longing to Travel?

The kapok mats will fit in any car boot or van. Open the boot, load the mat and off to the next new adventure!

Kapok mats are very liked and popular by campers due to their ability, to stop cold rising from underneath off the ground and the material being “breathable”, there is no problem with perspiring during the summer either.

The Perfect Bed Sleeping
The Perfect Bed

Not only can they be used as spare beds, but also for your midday nap. Minimalists like them too and are using them daily for their night sleep.

Due to the firm and stable filling back pain can be a thing of the past.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I care for my kapok product?
  • How do I clean my kapok product?
  • Where does my Thai cushion come from?
  • Can I also use the mats as my daily bed?

To ensure that you enjoy your new cushion for as long as possible, we recommend that you regularly air or tap out the cushion.

Kapok also loves warmth! Sun or heating will regenerate your pillow all by itself and it will be as fluffy as on the first day.

If your cushion gets a little dirty on a camping trip or while sunbathing outdoors, that's no problem at all. To clean it gently, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and some mild soap or shampoo.

All Thai cushions are stuffed by our manufacturing families directly on site in Thailand with local kapok. The local stuffing technique has been tried and tested for centuries and ensures the consistently high quality of our products.

Mattresses made of kapok are not a high-tech product, but a piece of real nature. Even if the hardness of the mattress may seem a bit hard at first, it is also suitable for daily sleep.

Many customers report a deeper sleep and reduced back pain after a short period of getting used to the mattress.

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