Small Zafu Pillow, silk, light blue / elephants

Small Zafu Pillow, silk, light blue / elephants
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Small Zafu Pillow, silk, light blue / elephants
Small Zafu Pillow, silk, light blue / elephants
Small Zafu Pillow, silk, light blue / elephants
Small Zafu Pillow, silk, light blue / elephants
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  • 100% Kapok Filling
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Products description

A meditation Zafu cushion is the perfect place to take a break from the busy world and explore your inner peace or just relax. Contemplation floor cushions not only ground and energize the spiritual experience of meditation but they can also be used for health as they help align the spine and open breathing to increase 'prana' or 'life energy' or 'chi'.

The traditional round sewn seat originally stuffed with cattail down in Japan. However, all out our Zafu yoga cushions are filled with 100% natural kapok fibre. Some people prefer the pleasing round shape for visual appeal.

All cushions are hand-made from colourful unbleached cotton and kapok fabrics and patterns. Each cushion is unique, original and a piece of Thai art.

Density of the Thai yoga cushions when sitting on them is firm and supportive without being rock hard. This is the preferred density as told to us by our customers. We at Thai Pillow guarantee you will enjoy your cushion for many, many years!

The main details of the Zafu yoga cushion:

  • Handmade from natural products so colours may vary slightly
  • Size: Ř 32 cm / Height: 20 cm
  • Size (inches): Ř 12.5 in / Height: 8 in
  • Material: Cover: Cotton; Filling: 100% Kapok
  • Kapok is light, hygienic, breathable and environmentally friendly

100 % Kapok
100 % Kapok
Our Thai cushions are only filled with wild-growing, pure and untreated kapok
For the cover, we only use durable cotton
Our kapok products are sewn with double seam and lovingly stuffed by hand
Direct import without whole sale traders guarantees fair prices
Sustainable and responsible production within the OTOP project
Suitable for outdoor use – due to the solid filling, no cold from the ground can come through
Holiday Feeling at Home! LIVING
Holiday Feeling at Home!

The colourful cushions immediately provide more balance and well-being in everyday life.

Due to robust processing and the firm stuffing of all the kapok products, they even can be used outside, in the garden or on the balcony.

Natural Meditation Yoga
Natural Meditation

Classic relaxing and meditation products directly from Thailand. The stable and firm cushions and mats are the perfect companion for Yoga, Massage and Meditation.

Our Thai pillows are giving any room a touch of the far east.

Longing to Travel? Camping
Longing to Travel?

The kapok mats will fit in any car boot or van. Open the boot, load the mat and off to the next new adventure!

Kapok mats are very liked and popular by campers due to their ability, to stop cold rising from underneath off the ground and the material being “breathable”, there is no problem with perspiring during the summer either.

The Perfect Bed Sleeping
The Perfect Bed

Not only can they be used as spare beds, but also for your midday nap. Minimalists like them too and are using them daily for their night sleep.

Due to the firm and stable filling back pain can be a thing of the past.

  • Sleep naturally
  • Relax and chill out
  • Healthy recovery